Triathlon Show London

27 - 29 March 2020 | Excel London
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Stefanos Alexopoulos

Move on Nature – The Journey to our Wooden Bike

Theatre:Performance Theatre

Saturday 11:30 - 12:00


The is a journey through nature's sustainable resources, human wisdom and love. Imagine a small seed, put with care and respect inside our planet Earth. A couple of years later, this seed becomes a bicycle. It rides proud and in style around the world spreading the word of sustainability, innovation and joy. connects you with yourself, other people, places, ideas and companies.

It all started after a long bike trip of thousands of kilometers. The idea was born in southern Greece, under our bright, generous and invigorating sun. Next to the turquoise and restless sea. The cool mountain breeze of northern Greece gave shape and breath to the first prototype. We needed expertise, knowledge and wisdom. We brought it to the aged and wise Athens.

Since then you can find the in all the continents of the world. That is how we move on nature.

Stefanos Alexopoulos is the godson of founder Paul Efmorfidis. He is a brand ambassador and owns a shop in Antwerp. He will be cycling on a Coco-Mat bike from Antwerp to London to attend the Show.

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