Triathlon Show London | Adelaide Goodeve
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Triathlon Show London

3 - 5 July 2020 | Excel London
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Adelaide Goodeve

Self Talk Sabotage // Brain Endurance Training for Pro's

Theatre:Experts Stage

Friday, 2:00pm
Saturday, 2:00pm
Sunday, 2.30pm


How we speak to ourselves is at the essence of how we feel and act. It determines if we’re in the most helpful state of mind for the task at hand.

To master our mindset, we need to ask ourselves; how proficient can I become at being aware of my thoughts and guiding them to more productive, powerful and positive based thoughts, that are moving me closer to being able to deal with the demands of the moment in the best way possible?

As a mindset coach, I teach triathletes how to achieve extraordinary performance. I’ve coached world record holders, world champions and multi-times race winners, and I’ve interviewed some of the world’s top performers.

The one thing that has the greatest impact on our performance, is how we speak to ourselves. In this talk, I will teach you how to transform your inner voice and achieve your desired results.

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