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27 - 29 March 2020 | Excel London
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Swytch Technology

Swytch: The world’s first instantly removable eBike Kit that can convert ANY bike


Swytch is on a mission to make electric transport accessible to all. Any bike can be converted to an eBike with Swytch, the compact design is easy to maintain and with very few parts a doddle to fit.

The handlebar mounted battery pack and discreet front hub motor is simple to install and use with very minimal cabling. The bike still rides like a normal bike as the added weight is approx 2kg (still one of the lightest eBike systems on the market) and the bike itself is virtually unchanged other than a low drag hub motor.

Everything else (battery controller, display, light, USB/charge output) is all compacted into one place and is easily removed in seconds allowing you to instantly convert it back into being a regular bike and use it like normal. This also offers the added security of being able to remove the value for peace of mind.

Speed is limited to 25kph (15mph) making it road legal in the UK and range is either 40km (25miles) or 80kms (50miles) depending on battery size.


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