Triathlon Show London | Meet the WΛU X flagship e-bike
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Triathlon Show London

5-7 March 2021 | Excel London
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Meet the WΛU X flagship e-bike

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Ever since its inception in 2017, WAU has leveraged the expertise of its founders from the automotive experience by previously working together with Tesla, Ford and GM to electronic engineering and medical fields to produce a very powerful, smart and yet affordable flagship electric bike that represents an ecstatic new era in two-wheel mobility.

In the last 3 years, WΛU X flagship was reverse engineered in Nottingham from the ground up to be completely electric. WAU have partnered with tech giants and reliable brands like Samsung, Shimano, KMC, Selle Royal, and Tektro to create their new electric bike and sincerely do their absolute best to beat rider expectations.

Commenting on the journey they have been on to launch the flagship bike, CEO Linas Pozerskis said:

"Roads in the UK do tend to be quite narrow. We see people's growing daily frustration with traffic and recent health concerns. People have a strong desire to have freedom and take their trusted car comforts such as motor, keys, GPS, alarm, GEO protection, full 360 smart-lights etc. and safely skip all daily fuel-guzzling trips/public transport queues on two wheels.

We are genuinely excited that for the first time using smart technology breakthroughs we can finally reward excited riders with these comforts and provide a truly unforgettable riding experience.

Imagine experiencing exhilarating motor power, immersive long-range comfort and truly independent, personal freedom on two wheels for a much lower, much more affordable price than ever.

This is exactly why we worked around the clock for the last three years to launch the new era WΛU X flagship electric bike and give people back the power to do just that."

Whilst nearest competitor brands start from £4,000+, new WΛU X flagships are now available directly via the brand’s website and distribution partners, with a £200 discount, full annual service, free bike build, together with a complete safety check with pricing starting from only £1,997.

*Future software updates are also available free of charge for all rider members.

Click here to get started and experience the quality that defines the WAU brand.

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