Triathlon Show London | Fuel your next adventure with 30% off…
The Show has been postponed until 5 - 7 March 2021. Find Out More

Triathlon Show London

5-7 March 2021 | Excel London
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Fuel your next adventure with 30% off courtesy of Longhaul Nutrition

There is no better time to explore your local area

There is no better time to explore your local area. In times like these we must remember there are adventures to be found from every doorstep. And to keep you fuelled are partners Longhaul Nutrition are offering a 30% spring sale on their full range.

Use the code SPRING30 at check out. Offer valid until 30th April.

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Longhaul ultra-fuels are made from wholefood ingredients that provide runners with the ideal mix of carbohydrates, protein and fat to provide a steady energy release. And, the natural ingredients in our food are packed with natural minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants to help you stay healthy. Enjoy!

Suitable for athletes wanting a nut, dairy or gluten free fuel.

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