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February 23 - 25, 2018 ExCel London The UK's largest Triathlon Exhibition Suitable for all


Discover the brands and exhibitors

From bikes, wetsuits, running shoes and accessories to training camps and coaching experts, check out the brands and exhibitors currently confirmed to be present at the Show. 

Updated: December 4, 2017

Exhibitor Type


  • Ezee Bikes

    Stand: LB08
  • Active Edge

    Stand: TR102
  • Active Root

    Stand: TR27
  • Aftershokz Sport Headphones - 4iiii

    Stand: LB308
  • Agencia de Turismo de Baleares

    Stand: LB1010
  • Alpkit

    Stand: LB1210
  • Alton Sports

    Stand: TR120, TR210 and TR510
  • Aropec

    Stand: TR602
  • Back in Action

    Stand: LB110
  • Batri Bike

    Stand: LB20
  • Battle Oats

    Stand: TR15
  • Big Bobble Hat

    Stand: LB1800
  • Bike Basque

    Stand: LB642
  • Bike Box Ltd

    Stand: LB1200
  • Bike Breaks Girona

    Stand: LB1726
  • Bike Hotel Cattolica

    Stand: LB311
  • Bird Cycleworks

    Stand: LB430
  • Blade Bike Lights

    Stand: LB310
  • Boardman Bikes

    Stand: LB1220
  • Bolle Glasses and Helmets

    Stand: LB612
  • Brightside Lights

    Stand: LB1695
  • Buzz Performance

    Stand: TR101
  • Cannondale

    Stand: LB1330
  • Cervelo

    Stand: LB1310
  • Cherry Marketing Institute

    Stand: LB201
  • Continental Drifting

    Stand: LB212
  • Cooke Components

    Stand: LB550

    Stand: LB1400
  • Cotic

    Stand: LB542
  • Crosshead Folding Bike

    Stand: LB912 Innovation Lab
  • Dare2Tri

    Stand: TR320

    Stand: LB1724
  • DryRobe

    Stand: LT422
  • Ekoi

    Stand: LB640
  • Ellis Jones

    Stand: LB512
  • Eyepods

    Stand: LB321
  • Factor

    Stand: LB740
  • Favorit Bikes CZ

    Stand: LB912
  • Fibrax

    Stand: LB112
  • Focus Clinic

    Stand: LB1020
  • Giant

    Stand: LB1530
  • Grn Jerseys

    Stand: LB801
  • Henty.CC

    Stand: LB1300
  • High5

    Stand: TR101

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  • Hope

    Stand: LB540
  • Hummingbird Bikes

    Stand: LB967
  • HUUB

    Stand: LT222
  • ICE Trikes

    Stand: LB208
  • Illumicycle

    Stand: LB843
  • Innsbruck Tourism

    Stand: LB39
  • James White Drinks

    Stand: LB317
  • Jet2 Holidays

    Stand: LB220
  • Kodak PixPro

    Stand: TR601
  • Kona Bikes

    Stand: LB440
  • Kross UK

    Stand: LB420
  • Kwikforld Bikes Ltd

    Stand: LB1010
  • Kymira Sport

    Stand: LB351
  • Look

    Stand: LB1630
  • Lucho Dillitos

    Stand: TR26
  • Lumo Helmets

    Stand: LB1302
  • Mavic

    Stand: LB1610
  • Nowca

    Stand: TR704
  • Orange Bikes

    Stand: LB750
  • PediBal

    Stand: LB712
  • Phoenix Hotworks

    Stand: THE CRAFT!
  • Plumbike

    Stand: LB432
  • Primal Pantry

    Stand: LB1802
  • Raw Sport

    Stand: TR08
  • Schwalbe

    Stand: LB914
  • Science In Sport

    Stand: LB920/925
  • Scott

    Stand: LB1410
  • Sick Bicycles

    Stand: The Craft
  • Sigma Delta Technologies

    Stand: LB912 Innovation Lab
  • Sigma Sport

    Stand: LB820
  • Simon Warren Photography

    Stand: LB29
  • Snugs

    Stand: TR601

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  • Solano

    Stand: TR22
  • Sport No Limit Travel

    Stand: TR10
  • SRAM

    Stand: LB1630
  • Stanton Bikes

    Stand: LB630
  • Sunwise

    Stand: LB1202
  • Switzerland Tourism

    Stand: LB730
  • Tailfin

    Stand: LB920
  • Tri UK

    Stand: Various
  • Triathlon Hellas

    Stand: EV1
  • USE - Exposure

    Stand: LB840
  • Velo Sock

  • VeloRution

    Stand: LB810
  • Wattbike

    Stand: LB830
  • Yellow Jersey Bike Insurance

    Stand: LB925
  • Zone3

    Stand: TR510

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The UK’s largest triathlon show welcomes top swim, cycle, run, triathlon and nutrition brands, Get great deals, take advantage of top expert coaching. Also - keep an eye out for special guests!

1 Ticket // 3 Shows

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new bike, advice or some inspiration ahead of the 2018 season, it’s worth setting aside time to explore the London Bike Show, the UK’s largest cycling exhibition.

1 Ticket // 3 Shows

When you’ve explored everything else, take some time to browse the neighbouring The Telegraph Travel Show. You'll find information and the best deals on trips across the world, or here in the UK.

1 Ticket // 3 Shows

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When? February 23-25, 2018

Where? ExCel, London

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